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Cube Mould

(150MM x 150MM x 150MM)

ISI Cube Mould

Avail from us a precision engineered range of Concrete Cube Mold that is widely used for cement testing purpose. This equipment, especially designed and fabricated for testing of the cement is ISI Mark (IS:10086) and ensures complete hassle free performance. Our clients can place an order for this equipment with us in their specifications and we promise to make this product available to them at highly competitive prices.

Features :

Available with base plate
Cube molds are according to Indian and British Standards


Cube Mould

( 100MM x 100MM x 100MM)

Cube Mould We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of high quality ISI & Non ISI Cube Molds. These ISI marked cubes are used in Cube testing purpose. These cubes are available in both ISI and Non ISI standards as per the clients requirements.


100mmx 100mm x 100mm



Cube Mould

( 70.6MM x 70.6MM x 70.6MM)

Concrete Cube Mould

We are manufacturers and exporters of precision engineered Cube Molds that ensures high level of accuracy in cement testing application and are very durable.Available as per technical details specified by the client, these cube molds are offered at industry leading prices.


70.6mmx 70.6mm x 70.6mm


Cube Mould

( 50MM x 50MM x 50MM)

Cube Mould- 50mm

Cube Mould is used for cube testing purpose to find out strength of concrete.

Size: 50mm x 50mm x 50mm




Cylindrical Mould

Cylindrical Mould

For testing concrete cylinders for compressive strength tests.

Specification : The moulds is split vertically into two parts. The mean internal diameter in within +/-0.2mm and height is within +/-1mm. The ends are machined to +/-0.05. The base plate and top plate are machined flat to +/-0.03mm.

Mould cylinder, cast iron, 15cm dia x 30cm height.

Mould cylinder, cast iron, 16cm dia x 32cm height.

Mould cylinder, cast iron, 10cm dia x 20cm height.

Mould cylinder, cast iron, 30cm dia x 60cm height


Beam Mould Beam Mould

For casting, concrete specimen for flexure tests

Specification : Made of Cast Iron / Mild Steel. The mould are made of 4 plates assembled together. Each mould is supplied complete with base plate. Faces are machined flat to ± 0.2mm. And finished in size to 0.2mm.
10 CM X 10CM X 50CM
15CM X 15CM X 70CM
15CM X 15CM X 75CM

10CM X 15CM X 60CM
4CM X 4CM X 16CM


Slump Cone

Slump Cone

We are manufacturers and exporters of Slump Cone that finds application in determining the consistency of freshly mixed concrete, where the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38 mm. This equipment consists of one slump cone with handles and foot pieces and ensures hassle free performance at all levels of operations.

Technical Specification

The slump cone has internal dimensions 20 cm dia at base 10 cm top dia and 30 cm height Foot pieces can be fixed to the clamps on the base plate
The base plate has lifting handle for easy transportation
One graduated steel rod 16 mm dia x 600 mm long, rounded at one end and graduated in mm, is also supplied

Test Sieves

Test Sieves

Test Sieves are used for sieving of aggregate, sand soil and cement etc. These sieves are manufactured as per various standards like ISS, BSS, ASTM, DIN etc. Sieves are made of Brass frame and G.I. frame of dia. 200mm, 300mm & 450mm. Normally Brass Sieves are manufactured in 200 cm dia and frame is spun brass, joint less. The Sieve cloth used is standard SS or phosphor bronze wire mesh. Lid and Receiver
made of brass for 20cm or 8” dia sieves.


· Manufactured as per various standards such as ISS, BSS, ASTM, DIN etc.
· Sieves are made of Brass frame and G.I. frame of dia 200 mm, 300 mm & 450 mm
· Normally Brass Sieves are manufactured in 200 cm dia and frame is spun brass, joint less
· The Sieve cloth used is standard SS or phosphor bronze wire mesh. Lid and Receiver
· Made of brass for 20 cm or 8” dia sieves


Sieve Shaker

Sieve Shaker

Our range of Sieve Shaker Machine is ideally suited for carrying out sieve analysis of different materials in dry conditions. Fabricated out of cast iron, the body of this machine is very robust and apt for functioning in the harsh conditions as well. Further, the base is made of M.S. Sheet, which ensures resistant to corrosion and the top rotating plate is constructed of cast aluminium complete with arrangement for fixing 8"/20 cm or 30 cm dia sieves with lid and receiver.


Sieve Shaker Motorised: ? h.p.
Motor Compton for 220/230V A.C. supply
Timer 0-60 minutes is provided in the circuit
Rotation of sieve stage 12 per minute
Simultaneous tapping 500 per minute
Oil bath for machine parts
Oil level indicator


Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

Tile Abrasion testing machine

Backed by sophisticated infrastructure, we hold ability to manufacture and export best quality tile abrasion testing machines. These machines are extensively used for determining the resistance to wear for cement concrete flooring tiles. They are oad the specimen. The abrasion of tiles is measured on a thickness gouge specifically made for this purpose. We can offer these tile abrasion testing machprovided with a rotating disc, adjustable counter for automatically stopping the machine, a bracket to hold specimen and a counter balance lever to lines in standard as well as customized specifications.


Compression Testing Machine

We understand the fact that the strength of concrete is a very important aspect during construction, so we are offering compression testing instruments. Strength of any concrete is attained by crushing the specimen through cubes or cylinders.
Our compression testing machine consists of Load Frame with suitable platens and a Pumping Unit with Pressure gauge, either had operated or electrically cum hand operated. Our machine's load frame and pumping unit are connected by pressure pipes.

Technical Specification

Compression Testing Machine - Hand Operated Channel Type- 1000KN/ 2000KN

Compression testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine 1000KN or 2000KN (100 Tons or 200 Tons) Capacity (Economy Channel Model) Hand Operated fitted with 15 cm dia load gauge. Designed for testing of Cement, Concrete Moulds of Various sizes 15cm x 15cm x cubes, 10cm x 10cm x cubes, 7.06 cm x 7.06 cm cubes, 15cm x 30cm cylindrical mould, bricks can also be tested by the help of adjustable hand wheel.

Compression Testing Machine - 2000 Kn (electrically Operated) – Four Pillar Type

Compression Testing Machine- Electric op

Salient Features
> Hard chrome plated piston with new type of long life oil seal.
> Four Pillar Model - superior in design, reliability and accuracy
> Practically no welded parts, all joints reinforced with heavy nut/bolt to withstand occasional over loading and to ensure center loading.
> Rounded Corners – add to elegance and safeguard against injury
> Hardened and grinded platens with guide lines for placing sample for testing
> Accurately calibrated dial gauge

Capacities Available

100 Kn With Single Gauge / Least Count 0.5 Kn
250 Kn With Single Gauge/ Least Count 1.0 Kn
500 Kn With Single Or Double Gauge. (250 And 500 Kn)
1000 Kn With Single, Double Or Tripple Gauge (250/500/1000 Kn)
1500kn With Single, Double Or Tripple Gauge (500/1000/1500 Kn)
2000 Kn With Single, Double Or Tripple Gauge (500/1000/2000 Kn)
3000 Kn With Single, Double Or Tripple Gauge (1000/2000 /3000 Kn)

Compression Testing Machine - Digital Operated- 1000KN/ 2000KN

Compression Testing Machine- DigitalThe Digital compression Testing Machine available with us is fabricated to test concrete for its compressive strength. Ensuring simple design and hassle free operation, this equipment is very easy to handle and can be used in rugged application conditions as well. Vouching for quality, we ensure that this equipment is very useful for site and laboratory applications in the construction industry.

Available with pace rate controller to ensure maintenance of constant of loading
High stability four column load frame
Ensure stability and alignment in each frame to avoid tension failure during a test
Ensure centre loading Standard Platens for 3 X 6”/ 4 X 8” and 6 X 12” cylinders included. A precise large diameter spherical upper platen for optimum results
Availability of optional accessories for cubes, blocks, bricks and flexure test Motorized hydraulic power pack or pumping unit Automatic over load protection Comes standard Available with safety Guards on all four sides

Vicat Needle Apparatus

Vicat Needle Apparatus

We offer Vicat Needle Apparatus that is widely used in determining the normal consistency and setting time of cement. The test is undertaken by mixing cement with water and then measuring its resistance to penetration of a standard probe at varying intervals of time, until a certain value is reached. This equipment is very rugged and hence can withstand the harsh weather conditions. We offer this apparatus to our clients from construction industry at very competitive rates.

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

We are one of the most trysted manufacturers and exporters of a precision engineered range of Moisture Measuring Meter that is used for measuring the moisture content in many substances such as wood and concrete. This non destructive type testing equipment is also used in measuring the moisture content of a building material and measure up to a range of 35% of moisture content. Estimating compressive strength of concrete, this is widely used in the construction industry.

Types Available:

· Wood moisture Meter
· Concrete wood moisture meter
· Soil Moisture meter
· Moisture meter-Hopper type
· Moisture meter-Needle type


Vibrating Table

Vibrating Table

The Vibrating Table is used for compacting concrete cubes and cylinders.

Salient Features
Specifications: It is designed to carry a load of 140 kg. The apparatus consists of a motor fitted with a variable pitch pulley housed in a cabinet. The vibrations are imparted by means of off-balance masses rotating on a shaft of a vibrator clamped to the underside of the table top. The table top is 50cm x 50cm. and has stops along its edges to prevent moulds from walking off the table during vibration. A cross arm adjustable on a vertical rod at the center of the table is provided to hold the moulds while operating the table. The variable pitch pulley arrangement permits the frequency to be varied between a maximum of 3600 vibrations per minute. A speed regulation handle is provided for increasing or decreasing the frequency. A switch is provided for starting the motor, suitable for operation on 440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles, Tables of table top size 75cm x 75cm as well as 100cm x 100cm are also available

Lab Concrete Mixer

Lab Concrete Mixer

Laboratory Concrete Mixer (Motorized)

Our concrete mixer laboratory type is electrically operated are is designed to remove the burden- some work of hand mixing. We assure that these thoroughly uniform mixed batches are produced by us. In this, the counter balanced drum is easy to tilt 1.1/2 to 2cu.ft.mix and the total drum volume is however 3cu.ft. It is mounted on a sturdy rubber tyre stand and the drum is mounted for end discharge and equipped with end towing pole. Further on, it is equipped with ? h.p. electric motor and is suitable for operation on 220/230 volts A.C. single phase.


Laboratory concrete mixer (Hand Operated)

Our concrete mixer is hand operated and is best suitable to mix 1 cuf to 1.1/2 cft material and further on it is mounted on two rubber tyres.

Auto Level

Auto Level

We are engaged in manufacturing and export of Auto Level Equipment that is an ideal choice for surveying and engineering level applications hence obtaining correct accuracy levels.


Robust construction
Ensures complete accuracy for years under severe conditions
Available in different models
Provided with durable Lithium battery
Ensures easy adjusting features
Available in Aluminum telescopic tripod stand
Includes hard-shell carrying case with dual latches, plumb bob, Allen wrench, adjusting pin, and instruction manual
Ensures accurate levelling

Other Speciality Products

  • Polypropoline Fibre
  • Cement Fibre
  • Recron Fibre
  • Waterproofing Powder & Chemicals (Sunanda, Pidilite, Fosroc, G & G Const., Sika. Polygel, BASF)
  • Construction Chemical
  • Elastomeric Coating
  • Horizontal & Vertical Net
  • Safety Gadgets (Safety Helmet, gumboot, safety shoe, radium jacket, safety goggle, hand gloves, danger roll, construction safety equipment
  • Fibre Cloths
  • Lab Testing Equipment ( Cement testing Equipment, concrete testing equipment, survey equipment, soil testing equipment, bitumen testing equipment)
  • Construction Equipment (Concrete Mixer, Mini batching plant, mobile batching plant, earth compactor, weigh batcher, sand washing machine, Concrete Vibrator)
  • Paver Block Plant (Vibrating Table, PVC Mould, Pan Mixer, Color Pan Mixer)


ISI Safety Helmet Rs. 48/-

Colour - Red 12.5% VAT EXTRA

Safety Helmet

We are Manufacturer & Supplier of ISI Safety Helmet in Yellow, Green.

Aktion Safety Helmet Rachet Type Engineers helmet Rs. 100/-

Safety helmet- Engineers


Aktion Safety helmet Ratchet type for engineers , in Yellow , White , Blue , Green and Orange colors. Rs 100 per pc.

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